A Bridge Too Far

“But to ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the innocent and law-abiding that their rights and liberties depend not on their own conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless, and that the law will permit them to have only such rights and liberties as the lawless will allow…

For society does not control crime, ever, by forcing the law-abiding to accommodate themselves to the expected behavior of criminals. Society controls crime by forcing the criminals to accommodate themselves to the expected behavior of the law-abiding.”

– Jeffrey R. Snyder

The other day, I witnessed a Korean complain about whites using “WuFlu” or “Kung Flu” to describe the Chinese flu. He claimed that he and his family have been the victims of harassment, because angry whites are blaming China for the flu. Because white people are raging racists, we cannot tell the difference between Koreans and Chinese, so Koreans are getting the business from roving mobs and angry whites. It’s all nonsense, but not surprising. Hating white people is the national pastime.

This event happened on a message board, so I took the opportunity to remind the Korean guy that many white people lost family members saving his people from the clutches of communism. If not for white people, he would be standing in a rice paddy or pushing a wooden boat along a diseased river. That assumes he would be alive, as the life expectancy of Koreans was quite low until white people arrived. In a sane world, he would spend one day a year thanking white people.

If there is to be just one line to describe the history of white people on this planet, it should be “No good deed goes unpunished.” White people literally pulled the world out of the dark ages, but the world remains an ungrateful place. Asians in America are now working on their grievance tales, about how the round-eye was mean to them during the great yellow pandemic of 2020. The fact that they would be eating bugs and living in huts if not for the white man is conveniently forgotten.

One has to wonder if this is a bridge too far. Whites can tolerate ungrateful blacks, because of slavery. There’s also the fact that left to their own devices, blacks revert to a Neolithic lifestyle. Without white people, Africa would look like a Tarzan movie. This is something even the most far-left person knows, even if they refuse to admit it. White people feel obliged to help Africans, despite the lack of gratitude. It remains to be seen if the same dynamic can hold up with Asians.

Asia is not Africa. After the war, Japan rebuilt itself with the help of America and joined the modern world quite quickly. Korea took a lot longer, but once they found the right strongman, he pulled his people into the modern world. Again, massive help from America made it possible, but they eventually made it. Other Asian societies have joined modernity in fits and starts. Even Vietnam, which is one of the most backward places in Asia, has slowly modernized over the last few decades.

China, of course, is the elephant in the room. It was a backward, barbaric madhouse through the 1970’s. Before Deng Xiaoping dragged his country out of the dark ages of Maoism, it was one of the most dysfunctional societies on earth. Even so, she went from barbarism to modernity at a remarkable rate. China is still very Chinese, but China is not Africa. In fact, all of Asia has the human capital to avoid being Africa, even if the West turns its back on the continent. They don’t need us.

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