A Mugging

Today in 1866 – New Orleans’s Democratic government orders police to raid an integrated Republican Party meeting, killing 40 people and injuring 150. Republicans in New Orleans today wouldn’t fare much better.


Today in 1975 – Jimmy Hoffa disappears from the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, at about 2:30 p.m. He is never seen or heard from again.


A lot of radio personalities talk about the upcoming election. I said it previously and nothing has changed my mind since. It is less likely to be an election and more likely to be a mugging. I wonder what these commentators think, that somehow out of the chaos that is the daily accounting of riots, looting, autonomous zones, murder and extortion that we suddenly have a free and fair election? How is that supposed to work? It’s time for these radio personalities to stop playing stupid and start alerting the people to the mugging that is coming toward them. Do you think there won’t be Antifa and BLM outside of polling places, chasing away all of those they think might vote Trump? Come on, this is a war, not a civilized debate.

The fact is, I don’t care. We know it’s going to happen, can see it as clearly as the smoke over Seattle. What we have to focus on first, is getting to the election without open warfare. I’m not sure that’s possible. I’m not sure it should be possible. But, when I look out at the true traitors among us, I keep coming back to the media. Commies are commies and there’s only one way to cure a commie, but they can’t do this on their own. They can’t establish an autonomous zone in the middle of a major U.S. city without the communists behind the propaganda carrying their banner and promoting the slogan that it’s all a street fair, just good people seeking justice. If it were reported for what it was, an insurrection, and the mayors and governors outed for the criminal globalist communists they are, it wouldn’t be possible. Donald Trump, for his part, should have invaded with the military, if needed, and wiped them off the face of the earth and without a complicit media on the side of the insurrectionists, he probably would have done so and been cheered for it. 

This is the real problem, we are looking at a nation that cannot exist like this. A free nation cannot be free without the truth upon which to make decisions. Every decision is wrong when founded on lies and lies are all we are being offered. Even the radio personalities on the right offer the lie that somehow the election will save the nation, if Trump is elected. It has gone past that. Just knowing that the communists are this emboldened should be enough for people to decide that the election is going to be rigged and the communists will use the whole power of the U.S. government to once and for all squash the patriot inclinations of the people. Sharia-like squads will roam about demanding that the latest dictate of Greta Thunberg be adhered to and not just once, but every time one is out in public. But, even that is an excuse to use these quasi-official enforcers of political whims. 

It needs to be stopped right here and right now. There is no racial component to the demonstrations, that is a ruse. It is an obvious ruse, because none of the protesters are demanding that any of the politicians running the police departments, the mayor’s offices or the governor’s offices of these cities and states where there is “systematic racism” have been run out of office, not one. It isn’t even in the discussion. This is a window into how deep the rot goes. Nothing in the Constitution is rightly interpreted, because it is interpreted by communists. So, stop looking to the Supreme Court for justice, it does not offer it. The highest levels of the FBI attempted a coup right before the eyes of the American people and remain at large, don’t look to them to police their own, they won’t. The police won’t disobey their communist leaders to defend or take back their own police station, they will not be there to save you from a communist/race-baiting gang roaming your subdivision. What is criminal if these actions are not criminal? These are the people lecturing Americans on what is legal and what is not? Do they deserve to be obeyed when they have shown such weakness, such infidelity, such obvious treason? Are there any laws left that are truly equal to all people? Or, are there only laws for patriots to the republic and exemptions for the communists? Two lawyers who fire-bombed a police car with officers inside were set free on bail, because they were communists in a communist-run city, with a communist mayor and a communist governor. The communists have destroyed the concept of the rule of law, they cannot now hide behind it. 

Now, push all of the hypocrisy aside, all of the injustices, all of the lies being told. Ignore it. That is a weapon the communists use to get the patriots to blather on and on about it. The goal is to shock and dismay the patriot, to dispirit them, to alienate them from action, because they feel alone, isolated. Simply recognize it for the diversion that it is and stand with clear eyes as to what the problem is and how to arrive at a solution. I cannot provide that solution for anyone else. It is a personal decision, one to be made with all sobriety and understanding of consequence and accepting those consequences in pursuit of one’s rightful expectation of freedom. I do suggest that it is time to put down the wrenches, push the keyboard aside, stop working on the boat, your nation needs you, your family needs you, your descendants need you and above all the freedom and prosperity of the world needs you. This place, America, despite all the communist propaganda to the contrary, is the fountain of wealth to the world, the deliverer of freedom to the oppressed. But, America is not the United States. The United States of America is a flawed political construct that has run its course and can no longer be relied upon for the defense of life, liberty or property. It has been consumed by greed, envy, the lust for power and the thrill of subjugation. But, America is our land, our home that was entrusted to the United States Government for a few hundred years, until it failed to defend those most important values. Now, we Americans must move on and eradicate the rot and build new monuments in place of the old and strive to be worthy of one in our generation.

This version of America cannot stand.