A sad event happened today in history

This morning, at my regular dentist for teeth cleaning. The at 1210pm, across the street from there at endodontist for a root canal on a front tooth. Survived both, and right now the anesthesia is just about gone and I can again feel my upper lip. Then next monday back to my regular dentist to replace the temporary filling with a permanent filling on the tooth.

Oh, did I mention this is not freaking ass cheap? Because come monday morning, besides the permanent filling, impressions to be taken for a new upper appliance. Whatever stimulus the government passes out this time, will go for all of this. Told dentist, should have a way to just sign it all over to you.


Death of Marilyn Monroe

August 5, 1962

Marilyn Monroe‘s housekeeper wakes in the middle of the night and sees Monroe’s bedroom light on. Unable to get a response from inside the locked room, she called Monroe’s psychiatrist, who came over and broke down the door only to find her lifeless nude body on the bed. The cause of death was acute barbiturate poisoning. She had several times the lethal dose in her blood. Empty bottles containing these medicines were found next to her bed.

First U.S. Income Tax

August 5, 1861

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln signs into law a 3% tax on incomes over $800, effective January 1, 1861. It was repealed and replaced with another income tax in 1862.


Another hottie female from my younger days.

Loni Anderson

Born August 5, 1946

American actress. TV: WKRP in Cincinnati (1978-82, Jennifer Marlowe).


Sold Murder Victims as BBQ

Joe Metheny

Died August 5, 2017 b. 1955

American serial killer. He claims to have chopped up several of his victims and used them as meat in a roadside BBQ stand he operated. He said his BBQ was delicious and no one can tell the difference between pork and human flesh when they are mixed together. The 450-pound (204 kg) murderer claims to have killed seven people and that he started his killing spree when his crack-addicted wife ran off with their son. He went under a bridge where he thought she would be, but she wasn’t there, so he killed and chopped up two men who were there. Later that night, he lured two women under the bridge and killed them. An old man who was fishing happened to see him, so he killed him too. Two and a half weeks later he was arrested and charged with the murders of the two men he chopped up and spent 18 months in jail awaiting trial; however, the case was thrown out due to lack of evidence. He then lured two more women to his trailer and chopped up their bodies for meat which he used in an open-pit BBQ stand he operated. When he ran out his special ingredient, he lured another women to his trailer for the purpose of chopping her up, but she managed to escape and summoned authorities. They found the remains of his victims buried around his property.