A Thing I would Like to Defund: the University

The latest Democrat “talking/screaming point”? Defund the police. Yes, because nothing says you love poor people more than putting them in the hands of criminals. Yes, the same folks who tell us we citizens should not have guns, and only the police should, now want to do away with the police. Makes sense.

Nancy Pelosi, will you “defund” the wall around your palatial estate in San Francisco? Disarm your guards?

But, OK, as long as we are in libertarian mode of cutting government services, I would suggest, for starters, that we defund public education, especially the universities.

In fact, I would argue that society would be much better off by closing all the public universities permanently.

What’s taught in those institutions? Garbage, pure and simple, hateful garbage. The little darlings are taught to hate their race, their people, their country, their history. They are taught hate. No need for taxpayers to support Anitfa recruiting centers. Shut down the public universities and remove all tax breaks from the rest. Let’s see how many of the nonsense courses and “professors” can survive a free market competition.

Learn to code, dears; better yet, learn to dig ditches; learn to do something useful with those bricks in your hands.