A True Feminist Hero.

He also lived on money given to him by Friedrich Engels which came from Engels’ family’s ownership of a factory. So basically Marx lived his life writing his bullshit on the backs of real workers.

He let most of his children die in squalor while he wrote long-winded excuses for why he shouldn’t be expected to provide for them.

Before that he wasted his father’s money on liquor instead of making any effort during his education and then worked a string of odd jobs for short-lived newspapers. The man never had a real job in his life.

He was racist as shit even for the time. He hated black and Jewish people with a passion. His views on Jews were very similar to those of the Nazis.

People who knew him said he mocked and despised his followers as much as the “bourgeoisie” and felt superior to pretty much everyone. Gustav Techow said “personal domination is the end-all of his every activity”

Marx was the L. Ron Hubbard of his day. A useless, evil piece of shit who managed to amass a following among other useless, evil pieces of shit and others who were too dim to know better.