Alexa Bliss Wanted To Go “Darker And Deeper” Upon Her WWE Return

WWE Extreme Rules 2021 was a turning point for Alexa Bliss‘ character, and to hear to tell it, it sounds like she wanted this pivotal moment to send her even farther down the dark path. At that show, Bliss’ doll, Lilly, was destroyed by Charlotte Flair. It was a moment that sent Bliss into a fit of rage, and she’d be off television for several months as she required surgery on her nose.

Vignettes depicting her time in therapy would air during the build towards Elimination Chamber earlier this year, and those clips showed her moving away from the persona she carried with her when she was working alongside Bray Wyatt. Now she’s on Monday Night Raw and is basically a happy-t0-be-here babyface. She’s been getting solid enough reactions from the crowd while utilizing that gimmick, but it sounds like she would have preferred to go farther down the rabbit hole of the dark side.

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Speaking to Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast, Bliss had the following to say about how she envisioned her return to action in WWE: “I wanted it to go even darker and deeper. I had Jason (Baker) come out with a sketch and prototype of a different version of Lilly, which would have been super cool. Obviously, with creative, things always change. I’m still holding on that this new version of Lilly will come out one day. We’ll see.” (h/t to Fightful for the transcription)

Bliss also stated during her conversation with Satin that she is currently portraying a personality that mirrors her real-life self. This makes sense to some degree since it’s very reminiscent of the character that Bliss played during her early days on NXT television. She’s not hitting the ramp and blowing glitter at the camera, but the bubbliness is still there. Of course, it could be argued that turning heel and joining the villainous Blake and Murphy tag-team is what propelled her to the main roster in the first place.

Her angle with Wyatt was also well received, and that saw her turn heel as well. On television at least, it seems that Bliss is most well suited to play a bad guy, and the note about hanging onto hopes that the darker version of Lilly will emerge one day is interesting. There’s just this feeling that Bliss is liable to turn at any given moment, based on the characters she’s played in the past on WWE TV. She competed in the Money In The Bank ladder match, only to see her recent friend, Liv Morgan, claim that prize. Perhaps this could be the catalyst that gets Bliss closer to the version of herself she wanted to portray when she returned to Raw. 

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Author: Franklin Steele