An Opinion Piece On Trump and Mattis

When Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen (King Tut) died in 1325 BCE, the first Imperial Chinese dynasty would not exist 1000 years, the Trojan War would not happen for 200 years, and Rome would not be founded for 600 years. However, the Great Pyramid of Giza was already over 1000 years old.


When General “Mad Dog” Mattis resigned as SecDef, nobody was told the actual reason why and to this day we don’t know except that it was for a difference in policy.   Today we have Mattis attacking the President publically.  First I want to say I was thrilled with Mattis was appointed SecDef.  I knew we had someone in there who would take care of the troops and defend this country.   I know some here may get upset with me but being in the DC Beltway for a lot of years can corrupt even the best of men and it may have had some effect on Mattis.

To figure out why Mattis resigned, or was fired, you have to read or listen to the speech Trump gave to CPAC in 2019.

I’ll post excerpts out of the speech which got me to thinking and putting 1+1 together.

And, by the way, as of probably today or tomorrow, we will actually have 100 percent of the caliphate in Syria. One hundred percent. (Applause.) One hundred percent. And we’ll leave a small group of guys and gals. But we want to bring our people back home. We want to bring our people back home. It’s time. Been in these wars. We were going to be in Syria for four months. We ended up five years. This fighting — they just like to fight.

We want to fix our country. We want to fix our bridges, our highways, our roads, our schools. We want to fix our country up. It’s time. (Applause.) It’s time.

But I was told by a general, who I had to fire — I said, “General, how long before we get 100 percent of the caliphate?” He said, “Sir, two years.” I said, “I can’t take it two years.” And then I flew to Iraq; first time I left the White House…

So what happened is I flew to Iraq. I wanted to meet the people on the site, because I learn more sometimes from soldiers, what’s going on, than I do from generals. I do. I hate to say it. And I tell that to the generals all the time…

So I have Raisin Caine and three other generals, colonels, sergeants. And I said, “Bring the cameras. I’m going to make a movie. This is the most incredible thing.” (Laughter.) And I said to the generals, “Listen, we got to get out. I want to know why is it going to take two years to knock off 2 or 3 or 4 percent, which is what we had left.” “It won’t, sir.” And I said, “Tell me why it won’t.” “It won’t, sir. If we attack them in a different manner, we can do it much faster.” “Okay, General Raisin Caine, how fast can” — “Sir, we can have it totally finished in one week.” I said, “One week? I was told two years.” (Laughter.) One week? “That’s right, sir. We’re only hitting them from a temporary base in Syria. But if you gave us permission, we could hit them from the back, from the side, from all over — from the base that you’re right on, right now, sir. They won’t know what the hell hit them.” (Applause.) “They won’t know what the hell hit them, sir.”

Here it is.  This is what I believe caused Mattis to resign or get fired.

And I said, “Why didn’t my other generals tell me that? Why didn’t they tell me that?” I said, “Did you tell them that?” “Not our place to say it, sir. They come in from Washington, sir. We have to take orders. You’re the first one to ask us our opinion.” (Applause.) It’s true. It’s true. True. True.

So I went back and I said, “I’m going to get back to you soon, Raisin. I think you’re great.” (Laughter.) “I like you, Raisin Caine.” But I did say — I said, “Well, hey, listen, we’re in Iraq. Isn’t that very far away from…” “I was here in a very short time, sir. I flew right in.” Of course, he’s taking a plane that goes 2,000 miles an hour, you know.

What happened?  Trump ordered them to change tactics and allow Field Commanders to conduct the war.   Within a couple weeks, a hair longer than the general said, the ISIS Caliphate was decimated.

You’re General “Mad Dog” Mattis, now SecDef and a president with no military or political background just overrode your decision and allowed your subordinates to conduct and conclude a war against ISIS; a war which everyone said YOU were going to take care of.   You have now been humiliated in front of the DOD and others who know what happened.

Now you know why Mattis hates Trump and says what he does against him.

SOURCE the above was found and taken from.