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This is a coup – AMERICA IS TOAST. WAKE UP.

I rarely post but I gotta say this because nobody really wants to believe it. But look at the facts.
It is obvious to me that America has just been through a takeover by hostile forces. A coup. First we were crushed economically, and now pretty much literally. Ask yourself why the cops were told to stand down in many major democratic cities while wild animals run around with guns, bricks, and molotov cocktails. The rule of law has been usurped and only used on certain races now. Justice isn’t blind, she’s turned into a BLM twat with tilted scales.Ask yourself why a seditious clusterfuck like CHOP is allowed to stand, where they literally stole land, terrorized the residents, and were allowed to make their own laws. Now they’re doing it in DC and the only threat is, we have to leave the statue of Andrew Jackson alone. The front of the White House looks like it does in Idiocracy.Ask yourself why Trump is doing nothing. NOTHING. I believe he’s been hamstrung by asshats he thought were good people, but they are traitors for the enemy. For whatever reason (my guess is to keep the white majority from going out and killing every single antifag they see)he presents as he’s still in charge, but c’mon. C’MON. He cannot do a single frigging thing. It shows in his face and in his body language. I also believe there was a military coup, not all that dissimilar to “Seven Days in May”.Ask yourself why this is being allowed, and now, why only white people have to wear masks. Ask yourselves why we can stand like cattle in a crappy Walmart, but we can’t vote in person.Ask yourself why the first thing the Floyd family did, after collecting a shit-ton of money due to their thug son, wrote to the UN and begged them to come to the US and take charge.Ask yourself why it was impossible to have a southern border, when we know damned well borders work.A pandemic that was man-made and spread on purpose. A ridiculous lock down and destruction of every state’s economy. A second lock down to put the final nail in the coffin. Paid rioters fomenting a civil war. Murder victims who will never see justice. A president who should have squashed the shit out of this before it ever got this big.Think back to Waco. How were THEY dealt with, and they didn’t even do anything. Now look at us. There is no other conclusion I can come to. The whites will do the job the elite want done but want blamed on regular Americans. While we are down, we have several countries fixing to step in and take advantage of our weak position. The LEOs will walk, and the UN will waltz in as the new “peacekeepers”. There are many treasures in this land, including clean water and lots of farmland.Don’t bitch at me to go out and fight. I’m old, I’m female, and there’s not much I can do but cry bitter tears that the very people in politics we trust turned out to be a massive fifth column which destroyed this great republic.Wake up and smell the bullshit. As the Roman Empire was crushed, many of the citizens still thought they were rulers of the known world. Sometimes it takes people a while to realize they’ve been f*cked.I think Americans need to face the reality of what just happened, and stop being led around by the nose by stupid stories of ‘overflowing ERs’ and COVID. That is the LEAST of our worries now.Uncle Sugar is giving us suckers money to shut us up. The longer they can keep us hoping with “stimulus” money, the longer we sit idle while the destruction continues. I’ve been around long enough to know that when a government prints a bunch of funny money and gives it to everybody (even dead people, so I’ve heard), it’s to buy our complicity and silence.