Anti-gun activists are aghast at the vastly increased rate of firearms sales

Note the weasel code words about those nasty, icky guns

Anti-gun activists are aghast at the vastly increased rate of firearms sales following the COVID-19 pandemic, riots and unrest, and other “trigger” events.  They’re now beginning to plan how to deal with the reality of an America that’s more heavily armed than ever.

Note the weasel words in this article from the Brookings Institute.  I’ve underlined them.

When Americans are concerned about their personal security, they buy firearms. Such concerns have been rampant since March, initially due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and then the social unrest in June that followed George Floyd’s killing. Our estimates indicate that almost three million more firearms have been sold since March than would have ordinarily been sold during these months. Half of that increase occurred in June alone. This pattern highlights an important potential consequence that may result from this tumultuous period: more firearms in the hands of private citizens.

. . .

In March, concerns about personal safety arose from both a deadly new virus and an economy in free fall. By June, concerns about the virus and the economy remained, and were compounded by new evidence of racial injustice in policing, widespread protests, and discussions of defunding the police.

. . .

The presence of so many guns complicates discussions of public policy. Injustices committed by the police, and systemic racism in society more broadly need to end. It is concerning that the necessary national discussion regarding racial injustice is leading to even more firearms in the hands of Americans.

This concern is particularly relevant in the context of discussions regarding defunding the police. When public goods are not provided by the government, or are provided on a scale that some consider to be inadequate, individuals turn to private provision of these services.  For example, parents often turn to private schools when they perceive public education to be inadequate.

Similarly, it would not be surprising for some citizens to respond to perceived limitations on police services with private provision. This may include purchasing more firearms. In a society fraught with racial tension, it is not clear that dismantling the police and seeing more private citizens purchase guns will lead to a safer world. Increased firearm sales are a potential – if unintended – consequence that merits attention as we endeavor to create a more equitable society.

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Translation:  It’s not enough to “dismantle the police”.  We also need to take away those nasty, icky guns from private citizens, so that they can’t replace the police by relying on their own means of defense.  That would complicate ending “systemic racism in society”.

Reading between the lines, owning a gun is being presented as a potentially racist act.  Despite all the high-falutin’ academic language, the author appears to be implicitly equating the Second Amendment to the US Constitution with racism.  That’s how I understand his concerns, at any rate.

Read my earlier article today about racism in US politics.  Does this sound like yet another brick in that politically correct wall?

I’ll give the last word to Gun Free Zone:

This is why they want to disarm you.  So when they defund the police and direct the mob to attack you, you cannot fight back.