Austin Voted to Defund the Police, its Murder Rate Rose 67%

Looters, vandals sweep through city Magnificent Mile in Lori Lightfoot’s Democrat-run Chicago


On this date in history one of the greatest documentaries (LOL) ever made debuted in theaters across the country, “Red Dawn”. It is hard to believe it was 36 years ago.



Buy more guns and ammo


The Austin City Council voted unanimously to defund the police. “We don’t need somebody who’s a sworn officer and a gun in order to be able to accomplish what the community needs done,” Mayor Steve Adler falsely claimed. Austin’s proposed budget targeted millions in cuts. These included 100 vacant police positions, delaying the next cadet class, delaying the replacement of duty weapons, and there were proposals by some Democrats council members to shut down the police academy, cut the bomb squad budget, and even demoli…


Quote of the day

From Theodore Dalrymple, writing in Taki’s Magazine:

America has ceased to be different from the rest of the Western world in remaining religious, with the result that politics is the new religion. It has removed transcendence and salvation from the private and personal sphere to the public realm, where it can lead only to conflict.

Well, if (according to Marx) religion is the opiate of the masses, I suppose we can update that expression to “Politics is the methamphetamine of the millenials!”  Looking at many of the Antifa/BLM demonstrators protesters rioters on our streets, it’s hard to disagree . . .


Open Season Is Coming

Stopping vehicles at gunpoint has already resulted in one dead Dumbass.

Here is another one without any gunfire, this time.

If this was you or me standing out in the street waving a gun at someone just trying to drive down the road there would be hell to pay  with cops and media jerkoffs everywhere losing their fucking minds.

But this is OK?

I’m telling you right now, if Trump doesn’t outright and legally proclaim these Commie bastards to be Domestic Terrorists real quick then the blood is going to flow in rivers.

The fact that it hasn’t happened already has me wondering just exactly what it is going to take.

Seeing this bullshit go on as it is makes me think it’s time to go weapons free every time you get in your fucking car.


Big 10 down

PAC-12 and the rest of the NCAA to follow soon, I expect:

The Big Ten has voted to cancel the 2020 college football season in a historic move that stems from concerns related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, multiple people with knowledge of the decision confirmed to the Free Press.

The sources requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the decision. A formal announcement is expected to Tuesday, the sources said.

The presidents voted, 12-2, Sunday to end the fall sports in the conference. Michigan and Michigan State — which both has physicians as presidents — voted to end the season, sources said. Only Nebraska and Iowa voted to play, Dan Patrick said on his radio show Monday. 

And this will help considerably with regards to popping the higher education bubble:

At stake is at least $4.1 billion in fiscal-year revenue for the athletics departments at just the 50-plus public schools in the Power Five conferences — an average of more than $78 million per school — a USA TODAY Sports analysis of schools’ financial reports to the NCAA shows. That’s more than 60% of these schools’ combined total annual operating revenues, based on amounts reported for the 2019 fiscal year. 

(I wonder if the coaches and other staff will continue to be paid for not working?)