Bait and Switch plan in the works

LinkFest 2020-09-25 ======= Quote Of The Day From Taki’s Magazine: If there are two categories in which black people outperform nearly everyone else on the planet, those would be sporting events and crime. Our modern era is no different from other ones, despite our pretensions at civilization.  You can get pilloried, accused and even arrested just for speaking the truth. Galileo would understand exactly what I’m saying. ======= Preparing for Trump Ass kicking: Speaker Pelosi doubles down on saying Biden should not debate Trump ======= "Why do women still change their names?" ======= ======= Are You Ready For The Biggest Bait And…

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Mating of the bulls

Our nation’s founding documents – the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights – were written to specify and enshrine the basic principles under which our nation was to be governed.  Those documents refer clearly to inalienable “laws of nature and nature’s law” which we simplify as Natural Law Rights.  By definition, Natural Law Rights belong to each individual as a birthright from an almighty God in whose existence our founders believed.  In our Constitutional Republic, the rights of every single individual are protected from the whims of majority rule, which is the failure of “democracy” as a governing system. …

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Just what Trump’s massive ego needs.

Serbia and Kosovo Agree to Name Disputed Lake After Donald Trump. Serbia and Kosovo agreed on Thursday to name a lake in a disputed territory after President Donald Trump. The lake, known to Kosovars as the “Ujman” and to Serbians as the “Gazivoda,” is the subject of dispute between the two countries, with around 80 percent of its waters located in Kosovo and 20 percent in Serbia. A banner appeared over the lake on Thursday, however, reading “Lake Trump.” The Gazeta Express has learned that both Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic have expressed their willingness to accept the name moving forward. “What…

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Democrats being their usual assholes

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( – House Democrats seem to be choosing a strange way to honor late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a firm believer in the Constitution. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have both said drastic action is necessary to prevent President Donald Trump from filling another seat on the high court. Both Liberal congresswomen agreed impeachment is a method they could bog down the confirmation process in the Senate. What neither of them offered up was a rationale on how any proceeding in their chamber of Congress could have any impact on the…

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Ask people questions that give them an opportunity to talk about themselves

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For lunch today, a group of us grilled some dogs, brats and burgers. With all the fixins'. It is good to have such grill dates for sure. So we are all sitting there, and I look up at the lady standing in back of the bricked in space for dumpsters at the Unity Point Clinic just north of us. And I pointed this out to everyone and said "reminds me of jews praying at the wailing wall". And one woman looks at me and says "your mind is not the same as a sane mind is it?". And that is…

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Little Orphan Annie

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Bill of Rights September 25, 1789 The Bill of Rights is submitted to the states for ratification, completing ratification in 1791. It is composed of the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. They provided guarantees of personal freedoms and rights, clear limitations on the government's power in judicial and other proceedings, and explicit declarations that all powers not specifically delegated to Congress by the Constitution are reserved for the states or the people. ======= Barbara Walters Born September 25, 1929 American Emmy-winning interviewer, commentator. The first woman co-anchor of a network TV evening news program (1976), in which she was given a 5-year contract…

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