Mask Madness

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No football in 2020 It looks as if there will be no NCAA football this fall: The MAC was the first domino. And it may end up being big enough to knock the other ones over. Multiple reports indicate that college football season will be scrapped within the week. I would anticipate that if the NCAA season is canceled, the NFL season will soon follow suit. Fortunately, thanks to the SJWs, little of value will be lost. ======= The Truth Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings – The Big Ugly… ======= They’re just rubbing our noses in it now STILL think this…

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Well Said

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Well Said....... Ozark Country Market is with Kenny Rasmussen and Carol Brock Cox. Perhaps I’m just a simple person. Perhaps I’m looking at this all wrong and I lack the “common sense” a few of you say to see what you see in state government enforced mandatory mask “laws” that rob people of choice. I don’t judge anybody for wearing them or not wearing them- I simply believe God is a God of free will and choice.  I had a real nice visit with the health department inspector who stopped by my market today. Seems after I addressed my business…

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The Hiroshima Myth

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First, you have to go and look at good womens, undressed to fully nude! Some good looking titties, ass and pussy here. Check them out now. See, if you go there, it is all on you for doing so because you were fucking warned, so don't blame me if your wife screams at you or something. Friday Femme Fatale... Slightly Abridged... ======= This is what a HERO looks like …unlike the whiny pathetic professional athletes that think they are special. Staff Sergeant Timothy S. Williams sprinted 60 meters under fire through open terrain to rescue his team leader after an…

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We tolerate too damn much in this country

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A highly ironic video has surfaced of a stabbing that took place in Portland on Monday.In the video, an anti-cop Antifa militant repeatedly cries out for someone to call the police after a small blonde woman stabbed one of their comrades.MORE/VIDEO ======= It is former Vice President Joe Biden, and not President Donald Trump, who has a political problem due to ongoing riots in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd as public backlash against the political left has begun seeping into public attitudes concerning the race for president in 2020. On July 28, as attention was focused on…

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Top Supreme Court Justice Being Blackmailed

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Okay, this story is a month old, but until now, I had no idea about this. Thus, it has it's own post. Do read it carefully. ======= “The whistleblower continued: “Here is the best part. The SCOTUS justice on the tapes – it is being rumored in the federal court community – has sat down with the FBI to roll on a previous president AND wife in an effort to keep his position, or more likely, be allowed to gracefully retire before the next SCOTUS term. “If I were going to predict the future we are going to see a…

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