Back to posting, maybe

My sister left this morning. Going to Ohio to visit a friend of hers before she heads back home to Virginia.

Some thoughts of mine:

  1. Two whole days and nights of no fucking politics!!!
  2. That made me think, how about cutting back on the fucking politics….
  3. May do so…..posting more of stuff having not a damn thing to do with politics and the virus.
  4. Which means I will be eliminating a lot of blogs/sites from my bookmarks thus cutting back or maybe even stop posting on my other tumblr blog. And just let that blog die out……
  5. Because I really am to fucking old to get excited about politics, who is going to shoot who, and why care about blackies and dumbass whiteys running around protesting and rioting….
  6. Who is with me on this?


So on monday, we drove down southeast to Albia, Iowa….to see the Welcome Home Soldier Monument. AWESOME!!!!!! Glad we went!!!! If ever you are in Iowa, stop by there for sure. Here is their website….go there: Welcome Home Soldier Monument

And since we were there a bit late, there is a statue of a civil war bugler… was a tear jerker moment when at 5pm….TAPS rang out!


And wednesday, yesterday, we drove up north and west to the big town of West Bend, Iowa. To see the West Bend Grotto…Freaking ass awesome sight for sure! This is a must see for everyone…The Grotto is frequently considered the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and The Iowan magazine has described the Grotto as a “Miracle in Stone.” The location was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 2001 and has been included in such features as Roadside America and Disney’s The Straight Story. A composite of nine seperate grottos, each portrays a scene in the life of Christ. The largest man-made Grotto in the world, the Grotto contains the largest collection of precious stones and gems found anywhere in one location!

So do go to their website and check it out, much more awesome in person for sure: West Bend Grotto


Now to be damn selective about any political article or link I post from now on. Meaning fewer posts per day than normal.