Batman is now black

California’s Electric Grid Is Near Collapse

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A long time friend and I had a conversation about this recently.  He’s in power generation in central California, and the stories he told about how this situation developed was eye popping.

I told him he should let me do a Youtube video so that everyone could get a handle on how the grid works, the problems with it now, and how the current troubles came to be.

Suffice it to say, the entire problem has been caused by politicians interfering in the market to push green power, and the issues the big power companies have had to deal with in attempting to adjust to the foolish fiats that have come down from Sacramento.

Like everything it seems, it’s a fully manufactured crisis that shouldn’t have happened, but virtue signaling and pandering by politicians that don’t understand the most basic things about science, economics or human nature have pushed this critical system to the edge of failure.

If the legislature was disbanded and allowed to only meet for six months every five years, it would be a blessing.

Furthermore, it every law it has passed for the last ten years by these human locusts was voided, much trouble and disaster would also be alleviated.  Ask an Uber driver what their opinion is on these two proposals.


Consider for a moment that you live in an America where the people rioting and blocking the roads so you can not proceed on your way to work are paid to do so by the same person or people who pay for your mayor’s campaign. That the truth of this is so plain that there is no need to disguise their support for those threatening you, because as a citizen, you don’t run anything; your vote means nothing to people who can quickly purchase 10, 000 -100,000 votes from the person who pays for their campaign ads.

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The Trump-Russia collusion hoax, the Mueller investigation, the impeachment inquiry, the “weaponization of the coronavirus,” and now the riots raging in major U.S. cities are all intrinsically linked, says investigative journalist Lee Smith.

According to him, these were operations with a common purpose: to remove from office the man who obstructed plans to radically transform America.

His new book is titled “The Permanent Coup: How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the American President.”

Smith says the “coup” isn’t just about President Trump, and it will outlast the 2020 election, regardless of who is elected president. It is a battle over the future of America.


Damn!!!! What next, a tranny superman?

Batman is now black

Having just laid off one-third of its employees, DC Comics is now determined to discover how fast it will have to lay off the next one-third. We are informed that Batman will no longer a rich white guy, Bruce Wayne, but will instead be a righteous black man, Lucas Fox.

In September 2019, Bleeding Cool first reported that DC Comics was to give us a new black Batman to replace Bruce Wayne in the comic books., and then learnt it would be Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox. We then learnt it would be would be written by John Ridley, screenwriter of 12 Years A Slave and part of 5G, or Generation Five, a publishing event led by publisher Dan DiDio to replace all the lead characters in the DC Universe and have them aged up, introducing a new generation to DC Comics. however, earlier this year, Dan DiDio was fired as publisher and 5G was pushed back. The shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic underlined this as 5G was shrunk from the mainstream DC Universe to, as we learnt, an imprint.  But of course, none of this had been announced and some people still thought Bleeding Cool made it all up.

At the Batman Legacy panel at DC Fandome today, Jim Lee introduced John Ridley who talked about writing a new Batman series, with Nick Derington, bets known for his work on Mister Miracle, Batman Universe and Doom Patrol. The comic book will, as John Ridley put it “a slightly greater than 47% chance that he will be a person of colour” and that he will be using the comic to “delve into the Fox family” and that “Lucius Fox has been at Batman’s side the longest.” So… Luke Fox as Batman.

DC Comics Publisher and CCO Jim Lee has since confirmed the plan to transform Batman into Blackman. So, it strikes me that this is probably a very good time for Arkhaven to be introducing Shade, a very rich Austrian aristocrat who fights crime as part of the Global Justice Initiative.