Bruce was limber

Dammit! Had to take two capsules for diarrhea. And those fuckers were sealed up tight! And it says, peel here….like hell one call peel here to get to the damn capsule. Had to as usual take the scissors and slowly cut the damn capsule out. Who the fuck came up with the bright idea of putting medicine in plastic wrappings so that old people can not open them? Some pharma company can make a fucking fortune by taking such medication (like immodium, or it’s generic loperamide hydrochloride) and putting into little bottles. Okay, that is my rant for today against the pharma industry and how it fucks us all. Later, maybe the fucking prices of simple OTC items like aspirin.

While scrolling through Facebook I came across a video showcasing one of the largest handguns I have ever seen. BFR .45-70 is a hand cannon of epic proportions.

Parents go to great lengths to make sure their toddlers don’t swallow coins, batteries, toy pieces, pebbles, bugs and other chokable items that litter a child’s world. But, inevitably, kids swallow things. That’s why a group of healthcare professionals decided to find out just how long a Lego stayed in the human body by experimenting on themselves.