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No….make it BLM…..BUG LIVES MATTER!!!!

We need to stop driving – even if it means that we shut down the economy – until bugs go dormant in the winter.

Fly fishermen are the true heroes of our day, using artificial bugs to catch bass and trout. I don’t know what you call it, but I call it – respect.


Just a few weeks ago, Anti-Lockdown protestors were being scolded by the Dimtard-Ministry of Truth Complex for being heartless capitalist pigs for wanting to go back to work, or re-open their business.


our leaders dither as our cities burn.  
The Cultural Revolution has come to America.  
Or maybe it’s the Wokevirus?  
Or a dress rehearsal for the November Revolution?
Take your pick.
Either way, Libtards are ignoring their own rules by promoting the protests and thereby “social distancing themselves from reality.”
But to the typical Libtard:  Rules are for other people, especially OrangeManBad and his supporters.  
Now that Our Grand Nagus announced he will be hitting the campaign trail later this month, Dimtards are suddenly outraged by large crowds again.
And just when you think the Corona-Friendly Rioting World we’re living in couldn’t get any crazier, the “Defund Police” Movement is picking up steam.

Since the protests & riots have erupted in predominately—if not exclusively, Democrat-led cities—what are the Dimtards doing to stem the insanity, especially since the overwhelming majority of Americans don’t want to see the police abolished?
They’re bending a knee to a growing leftist fringe ideology and joining the Cacaphony Choir.  
Or to put it bluntly:  They are betraying the American people.
Meanwhile their woketard rank & file want to go as far as to ban cop shows & movies and even cop-themed LEGO toys.
Not to mention banning real cops.  
(Although Commissar Cortez is upset with her fellow Dimtards’ attempts at “repackaging” the call to defund police departments in order appease non-leftist voters).
One of the things the Dimtards fail to realize is that kneeling will never be enough for the mob.

The other thing Dimtards fail to do is learn from history.  “Defunding police” has already been tried before, in Baltimore, MD, in 2015 and look how things have turned out.

Fast forward to just the other night in the People’s Democratic Republic of Seattle, and the police abandoned the East Precinct as revolutionary Live-Action Role Players (LARPs) declared a 7 block area the “Capital Hill Free Zone.”
Then again, maybe the Dimtards have learned from history, especially if inciting chaos is their end-game.

Of course, “defunding cops” is more than likely another leftist misnomer.  What the activists really mean is “replace the cops” with revolutionary guards, or rapid response social workers.
At this early stage in the Election Insurgency, it’s too early to tell which would have a worse impact for maintaining a safe and orderly community.

Most normal Americans understand all this, consciously or subconsciously, and are taking action (in the form of gun record gun purchases) to ensure the safety of themselves and their families in the best way possible:

The Dimtards attempts boil down to ousting Our Grand Nagus this November and are trying to force us into choosing between Chaos and Tyranny.  
With them, in charge—of anything—there’s no Neither Of The Above Box.
If the chaos continues, our neighborhoods could all look like The Capital Hill Free Zone Hellscape.

Taken from STATION WTFO Blog I found and I like, so you all go there and check it out. Am sure you will like it also.