Burger King uses MOLD

Today in 1948 – NASCAR is incorporated. That’s National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, and folks, if those are ‘stock’, then I’m Katerina, Tsarina of All the Russias. I propose that each team be given $60,000, told to go to a dealer in small-town America, buy any car with a production run of more than 50,000 units, then go to the track and race THAT!

Michael Bloomberg thinks he owns the ground you walk on. Literally. At least, that’s what a Bloomberg staffer told GRNC volunteers who protested Bloomberg’s campaign event in Greensboro. In the photo below, the staffer is trying to eject GRNC from a public sidewalk, claiming Bloomberg had “purchased” the sidewalk.

Burger King has an unusual ingredient it believes will convince diners its Whopper is fresher than ever: mold.

The fast-food giant released an ad Wednesday showing mold consuming one of its signature burgers to prove that they’re now free from preservatives.