Child’s Play Legacy Character Confirmed for Chucky Season 2 in BTS Photo

Glen/Glenda has been confirmed for Chucky season 2 in a new behind-the-scenes image for the Child’s Play TV show. Tiffany and Chucky’s child first appeared at the end of Bride of Chucky before going on to have a larger role in 2004’s Seed of Chucky. Glen/Glenda struggle with their gender identity throughout the movie and, unlike Chucky and Tiffany, do not like killing people. After Tiffany and Chucky find their human hosts, Jennifer Tilly and her director named Redman, the duo decides to impregnate Tilly with Chucky’s sperm so that Glen/Glenda can have a human host. Tilly gives birth to twins allowing Glen and Glenda to both have their own bodies.

The end of Seed of Chucky left Glen and Glenda’s fates a mystery, showing Chucky’s severed arm attacking Glen before the movie cuts to back. Chucky and Tiffany’s child hasn’t been seen since, leaving many to wonder what happened to the character. Glen/Glenda never made a return to the franchise, yet Chucky season 1 did make reference to the character. Chucky tells Jake Wheeler in episode 2, “Give Me Something Good To Eat,” that he has a gender-fluid child, and in the Chucky season 1 finale, Tiffany mentions that Glenda has “exquisite taste.” Season 1 certainly seemed to be teasing a future Glen/Glenda appearance, and now the character’s return has been confirmed.

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Tilly broke the news in an Instagram post that Glen/Glenda will appear in Chucky season 2. The actress posted an image of herself next to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Lachlan Watson, who she confirmed is set to play Glen/Glenda in the show, while welcoming them to the Child’s Play franchise. Tilly’s original post featuring Watson as Glen/Glenda can be seen below:

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Child’s Play creator Don Mancini successfully introduced a new group of teen characters in Chucky season 1, but Child’s Play legacy characters have no doubt been a big selling point for long-time fans. Chucky season 1 did continue Cult of Chucky’s storyline, which brought back Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay, Christine Elise as Kyle, and Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce. All three characters are expected to return in Chucky season 2, and with Tiffany again in her doll-form, it will be interesting to see how Glen/Glenda is re-introduced into the story.

The Child’s Play franchise has long included queer sub-text, with Mancini often infusing his real-life experiences as an openly gay director into the Chucky movies and TV show. Seed of Chucky was a bit ahead of its time by including a gender-fluid character in 2004. However, seeing Glen/Glenda’s return in 2022 with a non-binary actor playing them will be interesting to see in Chucky season 2, especially since Mancini truly seems to have creative control over the series. It isn’t a big surprise that Mancini is putting a focus on inclusivity for season 2, and seeing Glen/Glenda again after nearly 20 years will likely be a big draw for people looking forward to more Child’s Play legacy characters.

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