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At the end of last week, the lead writer for the Tucker Carlson show was fired for blasphemy, after it was discovered he was posting unapproved jokes on an on-line forum under a pseudonym. How his blasphemy was discovered is unknown, but the keepers of truth have teams of top women hunting down these people in order to keep their domains safe from unapproved thoughts. This is, of course, a familiar story that is now what the old newspaper guys would call a “standing head.”

Tucker Carlson has not commented on it, but his bosses at Fox News promise he will have an on-air struggle session Monday. Fox News, of course, “strongly condemns this horrific behavior.” By horrific, they mean saying “given how tired black people always claim to be, maybe the real crisis is their lack of sleep” on an on-line forum dedicated to snarky humor. Clearly, such words are so monstrous it is hard to believe a human being could think such things, much less say them out loud.

In all seriousness, one has to wonder what language is reserved for a school bus that rolls over on an icy road or the orphanage the catches on fire. This is, allegedly, a news organization, whose job it is to report events. If edgy jokes are now classified as “horrific” then how do they convey the image of a school bus flipped over? How can anyone take seriously their descriptions when they indulge is suck ridiculous emotional hyperbole like this? Teenage girls have more fortitude.

You can’t help but notice how the bold, rock-ribbed defenders of truth and civility have adopted the language of the Left. Like the old communists, Progressive now contort the language to such extremes that it is becoming a genre of humor. How long before they force Sean Hannity to call Peter Brimelow a running dog lackey? What adds to the absurdity is the people indulging in the hyperbole are the sorts of mediocrities you find staffing government offices.

We’ll have to see what Carlson has to say about it, but unless he dramatically resigns on-air, the one thing we can know for sure is that when the choice is between his friends on the Left and the people who watch his show, he will pick his friends. His man of the people act is just that, an act. Carlson is super-wealthy. If he walked away from his job, his grandchildren would never have to work a day in their life. If he gets fired, it means fly fishing in Maine and ski trips to Aspen.

In other words, his former head writer took more risk posting edgy jokes on-line than Tucker appears willing take in defense of his writer. Unless this Neff guy is from old money, he is now going to suffer real harm. He will not only lose his income, but he will suffer internal exile for as long as the revolution rolls on. Whenever he applies for a job, he will have to atone for his crimes against the one true faith. As a practical matter, he may have to change his name in order to live.

This is the sort of stuff Tucker spends every night railing against. He has made his name condemning things like cancel culture. For him to obsequiously go along with his key writer being cancelled makes him a hypocrite and a liar. It means that in the end, his friends and neighbors in the ruling class come before the principles he claims to be fighting to advance. More important, he’s asking you to do what he lacks the testicular fortitude to do in his own domain.

He’s not alone in this. Charles Murray, the former biological realist, thinker and writer has gone down the same path as Carlson. After having got some credit for having stood against the mob, he is now throwing in with the mob. Like Tucker, Murray would rather be with his friends than defend the ideas he once claimed to champion. It will not be long before he is required to burn his own books and condemn his former collaborator Richard Herrnstein. He’ll do it with enthusiasm too.

We’ll see what Carlson says on Monday. You can be sure an army of top people are crafting a speech to keep the sheep in the fold. Most of the people watching Tucker are so desperate for a champion, they will overlook just about anything. This is what Team Trump is counting on in the November election. Opinion does not alter fact. The fact here is that one of his own was dragged out by the witch hunters, put through the ritual humiliation of cancel culture and Carlson did nothing.

This is the reality we must accept. This war the ruling class is waging on white people is not a product of a small cabal within the ruling class. It is all of them. Worse yet, the war has become a profit center for them. Would anyone be shocked if Fox News, after having cancelled one of their own, starts selling “free speech face mufflers” in the Fox News store? Maybe have Tucker pitch them on his show, right after he condemns Blake Neff for his horrific language.

In the end, this revolution will end up where all revolutions end. Everyone will be forced to choose sides and give over their life to the cause they choose. The people living in mansions will find the choice easy. Every day they are reminded of how well the revolution is treating them. For everyone else, it is more difficult, but eventually, everyone will have to become a partisan for their own cause. Everyone will have to be as loyal to his side as Tucker is to his side.

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