Comments from 4Branch on the Future

I expect suicide vests to be deployed here, car bombs as well.  IED’s,  RPG’s,  the whole gamut.  They have a hundred years of Communist experience and practice behind them.  They will find people to carry out such tactics.  I believe we’ll see moto shooters and bombers, and I believe we’ll see Chemical and Biological attacks on water supplies, food supplies, medical supplies, etc.  Most of you are not old enough to remember the murderous Communist violence in a hundred places in the last century . . . but I am, and do.

Expect attacks on Churches, schools, clubs, restaurants, theatres, stores, busses and subways.  Cultural attacks are already underway with the assault on Confederate monuments and memory.  The days of leaving the unit unguarded while you check out a scene are over.  Ambushes, decoy calls, are coming.  They will ramp up their sowing mistrust among Police and troops.

We will end up as South Africa did, as South Vietnam did, with loyal troops of minority peoples, but lose anyway. You’ll see the Guard disarmed and effectively ‘stood down’.  Already plans to disband the Police are moving forward.  They’ll set up their own ‘Militia’ for routine duties and you’ll see Political Police established to handle the ‘disinfection’ of the population.  By then,
you will have become ‘Enemies of the State’, Traitors, Wreckers, and you will be eliminated.

Know this too, if you manage to suppress this insurgency, this revolution; it will only be temporary.  Communists never go away,  it may take another generation but the bastards are like roaches.  They survive.

I can remember the Huk in the Philippines; Indonesia’s communist rising,  South Vietnam, Malaya, Algeria, Tunisia, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, Lebanon, Aden, Rhodesia, Angola, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Congo.  Tupac Maru, Sendero, Red Brigades, Red Army Faction, Viet Cong and a book of others.  France, Italy, Germany,
Greece, and indeed these USA rocked by explosions, murders, flames, kidnappings, atrocities and horrors.  School buses blown up,  Whole congregations massacred in their own Church, kids on a school trip machine gunned.  I’ve seen things I remember.

You are in a war for your survival.  Not a movie or TV show.  Your very *&^%$ survival.


George Floyd was a worthless PoS meth/coke head and petty criminal.  He died of probable overdose from the slug a’ drug he swallowed when confronted by Police.  All that said, the actions of Officer Chauvin demand investigation and resolution.

The question of Chauvin’s OWN criminal record needs exploration and explanation.  How does a guy with SEVEN convictions get hired as a Police Officer?

Floyd’s lack of worth in society has not prevented him being lionized as some sort of martyr, a saint to be.  But, friends and neighbors, I ask . . . what about Pat Underwood, or Captain Dorn, both good guys killed by ‘their own people’.  Nobody’s marching, or throwing bombs in honor of those guys.  Why not?  I think we know why not.

I think we know, too, that the riots and ruin have nothing to do with Floyd.  Not a one of the pukes setting fires or robbing a Black business gives a damn about Floyd.  They have License and they’re using it.

A life ago, we caught a 16′ shark, a Great White, in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  He hung, out of the water for several hours before we were ordered to “get rid of that damned fish!”  We cut him loose and he dropped deep into the clear water,nrecovering as he swam slowly away.  He hadn’t gone fifty feet when his fellows swarmed him and tore him fin from gill.

Devoured by his own kind.  Nature is savage.

I have warned for years that we have in this country a class of people, savage and wild in their nature.  We see yet again, the truth of my assertion.  There’s no redeeming the shark, no ‘dialogue’ possible with the Piranha, Alligator, or Boa.  No cosseting of the Copperhead, Cobra, or Constrictor will change his savage nature.  Know the lesson and accept it.

And know too, that no entity exists, no organization responsible, for your protection.  But yourself.

From Free North Carolina