Crazy Lady Pelosi

And here I was given to believe Iranians hated America and were straight-up broken hearted we had the audacity to send their top extremist to that Giant Bacon Festival in the Sky. Isn’t that the line we were all fed for the last week and a half?

Despite Tweeting Often About Iran This Week, No 2020 Democratic Contender Has Commented on Iranian Protests

Whether it’s antisemitism or the oppression of the Iranian people, the left has no interest in drawing attention to any issue unless the problem can be attributed to President Trump.

Donald Trump Boosts #NancyPelosiFakeNews Twitter Trend After She Snubs Iranian Protesters

Crazy Lady Alert: Pelosi Says McConnell Is a Russian ‘Accomplice’

That Mushroom Cloud Over DC Is GOP Fuming that ‘Partisan Hack’ & Friend to ‘Dirty Cops’ Was Hired to ‘Fix’ FISA Abuses