D&D: Your DM Is (Probably) Not Out To Get You

The role of the Dungeon Master is to provide a story and challenges in Dungeons & Dragons, but some players exhibit excessive paranoia, even though most DMs are not out to get their players. Tabletop RPGs are a form of collaborative storytelling, and D&D in particular focuses on combat and overcoming challenges due to its heroic fantasy theme. Since the role of DM requires more time and prep work than any other, few DMs aim to cut their own campaign short with a planned TPK. A good DM provides encounters that test the party’s tactics and teamwork, and challenges that leverage the characters’ skill sets. Plot elements like twists and betrayals can make a story interesting, but some players who have had poor experiences with tabletop RPGs in the past may exhibit an antagonistic style of play.

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Author: Derek Garcia