Disinformation and the attempt to sabotage the elections

And speaking of disinformation and the attempt to sabotage the elections yet again, we have Dr. Anthony Fauci continuing to pump out the party line that the Peking Pox Pandemic will be the death of us all. That is, unless we continue to tank our economy by imprisoning the entire population – except of course for rioters, looters and protesters. But that still means that going to the polls in person to vote will mean extinction of the entire species! It seems to me that the rioting over the death of that guy in Minneapolis not only had no effect against Trump, but quite the opposite. I think that the only gambit they have left is to ramp up Sino Sinus Syphilis panic yet again because of all the massive new cases. Forget that the never reported flat to declining death rate along with the spike means that the virus is now – and always has been – marginally more deadly than seasonal flu. Or that the CDC itself said that the danger is essentially over; news that Fauci publicy poo-pooed! The media will have him as the point person to distort and embargo the facts from now until Election Day. And if Trump tries to sideline him, well, you can guess the rest.

Dangerous times.

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