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You do realize this one? That all the asshole liberal governors, mayors, police assholes, and the snitchers:

And no one will be held accountable. Unbelievable – and tragic – isn’t it?

As the country slowly reopens amid the pandemic, officials are reminding residents to maintain certain social distancing measures — like not touching other people’s balls.

Tennis balls, that is.

Ahead of tennis courts reopening in parts of Long Island, New York, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran emphasized the importance of only handling your own balls. If you and another player are from another household, she explained during a press conference last week, you can touch each others’ balls, but players should otherwise take every precaution to avoid coming in contact with balls of unknown origin.

“You can kick their balls, but you can’t touch them,” Curran said to a giggling crowd.

A man in Gustavus, Alaska, is doing whatever it takes to make sure his entire town is fed during the coronavirus pandemic.

When the state’s ferry system shut down because of the health crisis, Toshua Parker, the owner of Icy Strait Wholesale, was unable to get shipments of supplies from the Costco in Juneau to restock his store, according to WBAL-TV.