DO Something Mr. President!

If You Don’t, The People Will, And You Will Have A Civil War On Your Hands!

  • The Hill: Trump calls for arrests in DC after crowd tears down Albert Pike statue  CLICK HERE (Obama would have retaken Seattle long ago, as well as have martial law in DC to stop all of this.  Is our President weak? All talk? It is looking like this more and more. Wish it were not true but the rioters are NOT going to stop. There was just a murder in CHAZ – Police cannot get in  CLICK FOR VID, Mayor is weak and Trump touts ‘the law’ as America falls one city and statue at a time while leftist media applauds.  TIME TO FIGHT FOR FREEDOM MR. PRESIDENT. PLEASE FIGHT FOR AMERICA with force, not words, FORCE is now needed …  Sgt Pat)  See Tucker’s video we have all over from last night >>  CLICK HERE
  • Liberty Nation: As Radicals Run Roughshod, Conservatives Cower  CLICK HERE

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