Domestic Terrorism

The danger posed by the modern political Left’s progressive crackdown on the range of acceptable speech, is in the long term, a greater danger than any misguided economic policy or social program.


Radicalism: The Rule of Good Intentions.


How do we know that you will not establish an order even worse than the one that you criticize?”  

This is the best question to pose to the radical.

Whenever you hear a radical critic focus like a laser upon the intentions ofthose with whom he disagrees, you can be almost certain that he is both expecting and requiring those who follow him to do so entirely on the basis of the purity of his own intentions. Yet only a tyrant or an authoritarian demands that others depend upon the purity of their intentions alone. We do not align ourselves politically with someone primarily because of the goodness of their intentions, but because of the logic and wisdom of their actual approach. The embrace of a free system means precisely that one does not have to entirely rely upon the purity of anyone’s intentions. It means that we do not allocate excessive political power in the first place. The radical declares that we do not need security against the inherent dangers of political power, that all we actually need is someone whose intentions we can genuinely trust. But how will men know that they can trust that particular party? Because of their emotional response to them? Intuition? How has that  worked out historically?

The radical critic who focuses on the selfish/evil intentions of  those with whom he disagrees, and makes all political conversation revolve around intentions, will inevitably and ultimately demand that you blindly trust in, and submit to his own intentions (through the excessive allocation of political power). But the individual who instead focuses on the practical wisdom and logic of political systems and their designs will end up on the path of liberty.


Tom MacDonald – “People So Stupid”

“Bacteria is life on Mars but a heartbeat isn’t considered life on earth”