Don’t be so quick to believe

China on Friday issued a statement calling on all UN member states to “actively fulfill their financial obligations to the United Nations,” stressing that Washington owes the organization more than $2 billion.

“As of May 14, the total unpaid assessments under the UN regular budget and peacekeeping budget amount to 1.63 billion and 2.14 billion US dollars respectively,” the Chinese statement said, citing a report from the UN Secretary-General’s office and a meeting held on Thursday.


New Jersey cops were cheered by a crowd of more than 200 anti-lockdown protesters outside a gym when they told the owners they didn’t have to close down.

Atilis Gym’s Bellmawr branch opened its doors in front of a swarm of demonstrators on Monday at 8am in violation of the Garden State’s stay-at-home orders because owner Ian Smith was ‘sick and tired’ of having his rights ‘trampled’ by Democratic Governor Phil Murphy.

Cops then made their way through the people holding American flags and Trump 2020 signs and chanting ‘Let’s get back to work’ and told staff they wouldn’t have to shut down, even though they were breaking the executive order requiring all non-essential businesses to stay closed.

‘We are and only were here for everybody’s safety today. We planned for the worst and hoped for the best, and it seems like that’s what we have out here today,’ an officer said around 10.30am to the crowd and people inside the gym. ‘Formally, you are all in violation of the executive order. On that note, have a good day. Everybody be safe.’

Attorney General William Barr on Monday said Barack Obama and Joe Biden are unlikely to be under criminal investigation in a review of the Russia probe that began in 2016 — addressing simmering accusations by President Donald Trump against his predecessor and his 2020 opponent.

Barr said he was attempting to curtail the politicization of Justice Department investigations, yet his comments could fan speculation from right-wing commentators.
My opinion is this: NOTHING will be done to anyone except maybe side players. Hillary and Bill, Obama and his moose, and so many more will get away scot free! This Barr guy is for shit as he is not intent on draining the swamp!!!!!!

Tennessee issued new business guidance Wednesday that will end capacity restrictions for restaurants and retail shops and permit large noncontact attractions to open in 89 of the state’s 95 counties.

Attractions that now can reopen include amusement parks, zoos, large museums and theaters.

Although the state will allow any number of people to be in restaurants and businesses, it will maintain its social distancing guidelines. Restaurants still will be asked to keep tables 6 feet apart, and every business and attraction is urged to enforce social distancing. Restaurants also will be allowed to offer live music.

Here in Iowa, restaurants can now be open for business. But only to 50% of capacity to keep this fucking social distance! Fuck, this is stupid as hell….oh, and so far, I have found not one fucking study that says wearing these damn masks stop any disease!

The nut fucking job above should take some good poison and let himself go to the other side ASAP! He must of been paid off by the elites to say this shit!!! How come everyone seems to have forgotten the 99% survival rate on this thing? It is NOT constitutional to force vaccines on people!