Don’t worry about getting older

World War II Begins

September 1, 1939

Germany invades Poland, starting World War II. Great Britain and France would declare war on Germany two days later.


First Arrest of a U.S. Vice-President

September 1, 1807

Former Vice-President Aaron Burr is acquitted of treason against the U.S. President Thomas Jefferson had ordered his arrest. Burr had previously served as vice president under Jefferson. Burr was accused of trying to create an independent country in the center of North America including the Southwestern U.S. and parts of Mexico. Burr claims he was just trying to farm 40,000 acres (160 km2) in the Texas Territory that had been leased to him by the Spanish Crown. He had organized an armed militia of about 60 men. Historians still debate Burr’s true intentions.
During his vice-presidency in 1804, Burr killed former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel.


First Black Person on Television

Ethel Waters

Died September 1, 1977 b. 1896

American actress, singer. She became the first black performer on television when NBC broadcast The Ethel Waters Show (1939). She was first black star of a TV dramatic series (1950-51, Beulah) and the first black actress nominated for an Emmy (1961, for an episode of Route 66). She was the second black actress nominated for an Academy Award. The song Stormy Weather was composed for her by Harold Arlen.


Chinese forces have invaded Nepal. But the government of Nepal, run by the Nepal Communist Party, denies its happening. It turns out, China has made Nepal the latest member of Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative, or One Belt One Road. And China’s larger goal (besides debt trap diplomacy) is to box India in, while at the same time, getting Nepal to help crackdown on Tibetans.


One of the most iconic phrases of the 1960′s was “question authority” . Progressives have always  demanded that we question authority up until they themselves seize the reins of power. After that point questioning becomes  “obstruction”. Radicalism by its very nature demands unequal or selective questioning (question the status quo, but never the revolutionaries that are stepping in to replace it). In the end, “question all political ideas” is a better creed than “question authority”. But one will realize, with a little reflection, that to truly question every political position, both new and old, and to require that they all first demonstrate their efficacy is to embrace the Conservative philosophy.