Elizabeth Warren Wants to Nullify the Electoral College and Silence Middle America

The UN is hiring disarmament officers in New York – but it might not be what you think. Here’s what you need to know.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., talks about her Oklahoma roots but rejected them long ago. She settled in Massachusetts, the state that made her its junior senator in 2012. Now Warren wants to be president and, along with many of her fellow Democrats, she’s calling for an end the Electoral College.

This makes sense. The Electoral College sets a high bar that irks politicians whose base is in the big cities. But this is by design. Right from the beginning, one reason for the Electoral College was to check the power of big cities and to require some geographic balance in our politics.

The Electoral College is a two-step, democratic process. Each state gets the same number of electoral votes as it has U.S. representatives and senators. This means small states get at least three, and big states get more. To win the White House requires a majority of electoral votes. All this means that no one can win the White House by running up huge support in just one region of the country or in a collection of big cities. Even overwhelming popularity in places like New York and Los Angeles is not enough to win. Middle America gets a say, too.

Warren, like Hillary Clinton, opposes this part of the Constitution. She has repeatedly called for getting rid of the Electoral College. Warren and Clinton have endorsed the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPV), a clever plan to nullify the Electoral College without changing the Constitution.

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