Everyone has a plan

Saudi Arabia Declares War on U.S. Energy Production.

That’s why the Saudis spy a weakness. Their goal is to bankrupt as many shale players as possible, which the Saudis hope will eventually lead to far higher oil prices in the future, and a market dominated once-again by OPEC. We can’t get too mad at the Saudis—all’s fair in love and war as they say. But these clearly aren’t the actions of an ally. They are the actions of a country that, far from having aligned interests with the U.S., has completely divergent interests in many areas.

There’s a lesson in this for D.C. policymakers who are often quick to cater to Saudi interests. Instead of worrying about Saudi Arabia, America should be focused on getting the U.S. financial house in order so that we’re prepared for unexpected (but too often certain) events.