For most of my life, the ‘Soviet Union’ was The Enemy number one, followed by the People’s Republic of China.’

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Professionally, mentally, physically, indeed spiritually, I prepared to hold the Fulda Gap against the Godless hordes of Communist  automatons.  I studied war, practiced war, lived with war, ‘Go Bag’ in the Hall Closet.  Papers in order.

My wife had Power of Attorney, had her own deployment plans, and we understood, it was our duty.  Duty to our people.

Duty to our Country.  We could not allow Norman Rockwell’s America to fall under the heel of Communist Tyrants.

Freedom was too dear, too rare to be risked.  It was a Calling, not a career.

Then one morning it was all gone.  The artificial fabrication that was the ‘Soviet Union’ turned out be a lie.

There never was a Soviet nation, never a Soviet man or woman.

There were Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Yakuts, Kazaks, and all the rest.

And when the empire fell, they were still Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Yakuts, Kazaks, and all the rest.

I had always understood the concept of America, a federation of States, acting in the world, as one united State, presenting one face to the world.

But people were principally Virginians, Texans, Carolinians, Nebraskans.

A bunch of free and independent States  bound by choice to one another.

The issue was tried by blood and fire in the War for Southern Independence but not actually resolved.
All that war proved was three million bayonets beats 500,000 bayonets.  The legality of secession was never disproved
Slowly it began to dawn on my aged and rusty mind, that perhaps this empire too, will fall.

Indeed history plainly shows that it will collapse.

Around two hundred years, more or less, seems to be the usual life span.

America prior to the war of 1861-1865 was not a Nation.

People claimed allegiance to their home State then, as many now claim to be Mexican – Americans, African-Americans, Cuban Americans, etc, etc.

My America was united in Christianity.  It is no longer so.

My America understood many, many things now lost to ignorance.

I wonder if the truth of this latest fiasco, corona flu will register.

The Powers That Be are hopelessly stupid and worse, care nothing for the ‘little people’.

Maybe we should study the collapse of our once arch enemy to learn how to get through  their trials.

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