Fundamental Question…

Quote of the Day – Larry Corriea (again)

This may sound crazy, but just remember. If you are on the right you share collective guilt for every bad thing which has ever happened, even if it was done by people on the left. And if you are on the left, you are free from sin because you Care Harder.

On the individual level, if you are on the right, you are responsible for things that other people’s ancestors did 200 years ago. But if you are on the left, you aren’t responsible for what you are doing right now.

Stunning how that works, isn’t it?


Fundamental Question…

Here’s a question I asked my Father when I was 18. He couldn’t answer it, and no Christian has done so satisfactorily since.

I was raised a Catholic and the following three things were inarguable doctrine:

1.  God Is All-Good.

2.  God Is All-Knowing.

3.  Hell Exists, In Which Human Souls Are Eternally Punished.


“How can all those be true? They are logically incompatible.”

If God is “all-knowing”, before He creates any single human being He would know that that human will commit sins that will consign him to EVERLASTING suffering in HELL

No reprieve EVER…burning ETERNALLY.

What kind of “All-Good” God would create that person? He’d be a sadistic MONSTER.

Who could possibly worship Him? No thank you.

An addendum: How is ETERNAL punishment suitable for any TEMPORAL crime?

IowaDawg replies this way: I was also raised a catholic, and all I was told anytime I asked a question like the one above is this: You got to have FAITH. End of discussion.

Until one day we got a Jesuit Priest. And he explained to me many things. One is this: Hell is not a place of pain forever. Hell is just a place where God is not. PERIOD. Hell as a place of damnation and fire and etal came about about a thousand years after Christ walked the earth and the church was trying to make damn sure all the peasants continued going to church and tithing! For the early church, and the popes, it was money and power and sex. Read the church history closely.

And I was also taught that God may not have been one God, but many Gods….Rough shit for a catholic boy to get into for sure. But to this day, I believe that the entire religion and God thing is just a human construct to keep people in line. PERIOD.

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  1. rickn8or

    Apostate Southern Baptist here.

    “But to this day, I believe that the entire religion and God thing is just a human construct to keep people in line. ”

    And remains so to this day. My first steps on the road to damnation came as the result of a Fred Phelps clone that tried to forbid me from reading Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” without giving me a reason. (And I never got a chance to thank him for it.) As a result, I’ve spent most of my adult life studying religion. I’ve come to the conclusion that most Christians haven’t read/don’t read their Bible, don’t know what’s in it, and believe a lot of things that aren’t in it.

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