George Carlin Told America How Not To Worry About Coronavirus 20 Years Ago

George Carlin was one of my favorite 20th-century philosophers. He was also funny as hell and redefined the stand-up comedy business. In 1999, he performed one of his many HBO specials, titled, You’re All Diseased. In one riff, he spoke about America’s obsession with hygiene and foretold the panic over coronavirus today.

In this routine, Carlin lays waste to the notion of Americans getting so worked up about germs, while allowing the media to whip them into a frenzy. He rightly observes that our immune system needs exercise, and mercilessly mocks people who obsess over cleanliness. He may or may not talk about swimming in sewage and how often he washes his hands after using the bathroom.


It should go without saying, but this clip is in no way safe for work, family, church, polite company, rather impolite company, and even some sailors who may be easily offended.

Sit back, relax, laugh, and stop freaking out already.