Here we go again

In 1990, the high school dropout rate for Dolly Parton’s hometown of Sevierville Tennessee was at 34% (Research shows that most kids make up their minds in fifth/sixth grade not to graduate). That year, all fifth and sixth graders from Sevierville were invited by Parton to attend an assembly at Dollywood. They were asked to pick a buddy, and if both students completed high school, Dolly Parton would personally hand them each a $500 check on their graduation day. As a result, the dropout rate for those classes fell to 6%, and has generally retained that average to this day.

Shortly after the success of The Buddy Program, Parton learned in dealing with teachers from the school district that problems in education often begin during first grade when kids are at different developmental levels. That year The Dollywood Foundation paid the salaries for additional teachers assistants in every first grade class for the next 2 years, under the agreement that if the program worked, the school system would effectively adopt and fund the program after the trial period.

During the same period, Parton founded the Imagination Library in 1995: The idea being that children from her rural hometown and low-income families often start school at a disadvantage and as a result, will be unfairly compared to their peers for the rest of their lives, effectively encouraging them not to pursue higher education. The objective of the Imagination library was that every child in Sevier County would receive one book, every month, mailed and addressed to the child, from the day they were born until the day they started kindergarten, 100% free of charge. What began as a hometown initiative now serves children in all 50 states, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, mailing thousands of free books to children around the world monthly.

On March 1, 2018 Parton donated her 100 millionth book at the Library of Congress: a copy of “Coat of Many Colors” dedicated to her father, who never learned to read or write.


Cops ‘n’ black folks. Old story, blown wide open by the media, because, you know, ‘reasons’.

One of the cops got a bit too protecty and servey and knelt on a suspect until the suspect ceased to function. Three more cops watched him do it. That’s reason for blacks to riot all across the nation.

Last weekend in Chicago, ONE dimmocrat-run city, TEN were killed and forty-two wounded. Riots? Not over those. Mostly black people shooting other black people, a perfectly normal occurrence on ANY weekend, according to statistics compiled by Hey, Jackass!, who tracks such things in Chicago.

Yeah, yeah… THAT particular cop deserves a full investigation and trial. That’ll happen. It might not have been the shape of things in years past, but today, it’ll happen.

Does it make a difference to the rioters? Nope. Watching the wheels of justice grinding doesn’t put new sneakers and big-screen TVs on the streets.

How about this? Ask Baltimore what happens when the city police tire of being armchair quarterbacked over every inner city arrest. If you’re gonna get stomped for doing a thing, you stop doing the thing, which in Baltimore PD’s case was trying to police the inner cities. So you get Baltimore’s crime stats for the Memorial Day weekend, where TWELVE people died.

There used to be a popular bumper sticker that said “If you don’t like cops, next time you need help, call a hippie”, from back in the day when it was cops versus hippies. The same sentiment applies today. You don’t like cops, get rid of ’em. Keep ’em out. See if YOU like the alternative.

So what am I saying? Here: Police the police. prosecute abuse. But be advised – over-reaction may bring unexpected consequences.

(my thoughts are the same, ghetto blacks will riot just to be able to steal fucking tvs and sneakers. Cops should be given to right to shoot any looter!!!!)