Hitler Rants Parodies

Dammit! Happened again this morning. I have to use a walker, and my wife follows me with a chair. Just in case. Well, go to the bathroom after going slow and easy, meaning plenty of stops on the way, and as I slowly turn the walker around so I can sit down at the shower chair at the sink, BAM!

Down I drop like a sack of potatoes! Too quick to grab the chair and just to quick for me wife to push that chair under my butt. Anyways, tried a few ways to get up, but none worked simply because I do not have enough upper body strength to push/pull my way upwards.

Thus again, a call to 911. And our fire department gets here within the 15 minutes they said it would take. Go me up on my easy chair (my usual spot now for everything, since I no longer go to the kitchen table). Those guys were awesome! Of course, by the time I thought of this and told my wife, they were out the door! Told wife, check for a donation to help out our fire department that helps us out a lot! Told wife, see the fire department show up here for anything, get the checkbook, write in the amount, and sign it. And then envelope it and give it to the firemen.

Again, kudos to the Windsor Heights Fire Department!

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These Hitler Rant Parodies are mostly hilarious! This is just a small sampling of what there is. Just use search on youtube for more.