How would you like your steak cooked

Hundreds of minor league players have been cut and sent packing because of this fucked-up pandemic.

Do you contribute to NPR?  

There was a time when NPR did a journeyman’s job of reporting news and telling good stories. Now it’s a bastion of liberal dooshtools who spread nonsense and doom & gloom on a daily basis. 
This is the kinda shit they wanna talk about – this is a story produced by WBUR in Boston:

Governor Murphy vetoes allowing N.J. small businesses to delay rent payments.
Landlords would have been barred from evicting small businesses that take advantage of the rent suspension order. They would have been considered in violation of the New Jersey consumer fraud act if they did attempt to evict their tenant, according to the bill (S2363).
In his veto message, Murphy said the bill shifts the financial pain from small businesses to commercial landlords “who may not be relieved of their own obligations to pay mortgage payments and property taxes.”
So it’s a money grab for the State with no regard whatsoever for the little guy. Well played you fuckin’ scumbag.