We allowed it to happen again. Just as back in the 90’s there was supposedly a vast wave of pedaphelia kicked off by the McMartin pre-school fiasco and terrible hoax, we have let our models convince hysterics all over the world that a corona virus disease shared a mortality rate with the Black Plague of the 14th century in Europe where a third of the population of Europe died. As with the pedophilia nonsense, so too with the Wuhan virus. It keeps getting huge media support as they push to the limits in order to engage in virtue signaling and hopefully encompass the destruction of President Trump at the same time because they really hate that man.

What does that tell us? Well, for starters, if this virus was the product of a virology lab that was researching ways to weaponize a bat virus for use against humans, it was a dismal failure for given defintions of failure. If the purpose was to massacre the elderly and infirm occupants of nursing homes, it succeeded very well, especially when chivied along by the likes of Cuomo and Whitless and any number of other Democrat Party governors who went out of their way to ensure that the virus was introduced speedily into all nursing homes under their control.

It tells us that the science is NEVER settled and that science by consensus is a fool’s game for idiots, morons and democrats who are uniquely ignorant, ill-informed, stupid, malicious, venal, corrupt and grasping power-mad tyrants who will use any disaster to enhance their power, their wealth and their prestige. They did it by scaring a lot of idiots about the weather. Even the most deeply committed idiots who believe still don’t understand that NOBODY is talking about rolling back the global warming dragon. No, at most the losers-of-action are only talking about slowing the rate of increase. Either way the world ends in fire if their stupid fright about man-made global warming is true but there is just as much science behind that scam as there is behind the hysteria that demanded locking up the population and flattening some mythical curve.

What else did we learn? Well, how about there is no shortage and never was any kind of shortage of ventilators since the facts are now in and it seems if a patient gets placed on a ventilator they never recover so the ventilator doesn’t really affect anything at all.

Do I think anybody will learn from this latest stupid hysteria? No, nope, never.

The source for the above is HMS Defiant