I believe in the soul

I think it’s important to realize that no matter how good you are to people, it won’t make them good to you.

““Sometimes I lie awake at night and I ask, “Is life a multiple choice test or is it a true or false test?” …Then a voice comes to me out of the dark and says, “We hate to tell you this but life is a thousand word essay.””

— Charles M. Schulz , Charlie Brown 

A photographer’s portrait in a mirror, a hundred years ago, Japan, ca. 1920. Text and image via Old Japanese Photos on Facebook

U.S. Army platoon leader Rick Rescorla, a Silver Star recipient, during the Battle of Ia Drang, Vietnam, 1965. Later a security expert, he has been called “The Man Who Predicted 9/11,” warning that the World Trade Center was a terrorist target. He died evacuating people from the towers [1344 × 1199]

Source: https://reddit.com/r/HistoryPorn/comments/ggp0hj/us_army_platoon_leader_rick_rescorla_a_silver/