If You Like WuFlu Confinement, You’ll Love Biden’s Promised Green Prison

Why are Democrats okay with a COVID-19 ID card but fight so hard against voter ID to secure our elections?

“Federal taxpayers have shelled out millions of dollars to pay for research that involves keeping monkeys in cages and intentionally frightening them with mechanical snakes and plastic spiders,” wrote James Varney in a February article for The Washington Times.

“What a waste!” I remember thinking. Only an out-of-control, money-printing, spendthrift government like ours could justify sixteen million dollars on scaring the bejesus out of little, helpless, imprisoned primates. I had no idea they were just getting started.

Having taken the monkey experiment to the big time, it now looks as if our intrepid local, state, and federal governments have managed to so frighten the American people that we’ve voluntarily locked ourselves up in our own cages, while our elected leaders burn what’s left of the Bill of Rights on the other side of the bars. Unlike our friends being tortured by the NIH, however, we did not require mechanical snakes and plastic spiders to forfeit our freedom; an invisible menace and active imaginations were sufficient to cause a national outbreak of the heebie-jeebies. And the whole nasty experiment in fear and government control is only costing us a measly thirty-four trillion dollars. Makes that sixteen-million-dollar monkey business look downright parsimonious, doesn’t it? C’est la vie.

Last month, we were wondering whether the cure could be worse than the disease; this month, it seems clear that the cure and the disease were always the same thing.  Rely on Chinese communists to produce your medicines and fill your supply lines with breakable crap, and this is what happens.  Rely on globalist socialist flimflammers to remedy the situation with “calm expertise,” and they will instead send in an army of anti-American boffins to complain, arrest fathers playing catch with their daughters, and find ways to blame the whole out-of-control exercise in petit-tyranny on Christians and Southerners.  For the first time since the James Younger Gang was roaming these parts, grown men are walking around with bandanas covering their faces, but their eyes are telling a whole other story.  There’s only so much despotism that free people will endure, and if the price for life is the surrender of everything that makes life worth living, then those bandanas begin to feel like something else entirely.  If all these municipal Napoleons-in-aspiration getting fitted for shiny hobnailed jackboots right now can’t control their shared impulse to rule over other men, then these bandanas might become a more permanent fixture.  If there’s one thing Americans have always understood, it’s this: where speech and religion and personal defense are all outlawed, be an outlaw. 

I, for one, welcome this grand display of government intrusion from coast to coast.  Unlike the invisible Chinese virus hunting us surreptitiously, this overbearing application of government force is right out in the open for all to see.  The more unscrupulous Democrat mayors openly brag about shutting down private businesses, banning gun ownership, and ripping congregants from church pews.  They’re closing every house of worship in sight until their constituents learn to supplicate at the steps of City Hall and nowhere else!  Democrats are always gravely warning about creeping fascism from others, but they insist we ignore the rank smell of authoritarianism emanating from their every local executive order.  Lone drivers are pulled over for no other reason than to remind the riffraff that they are powerless before their local lords; neighbors are enticed by official favor and bounty to snitch on isolated joggers running through their streets; married nonagenarians are forcibly separated “for their own good.”  Only the Democrats could follow the examples of Boko Haram and the Chinese Communist Party in taking advantage of human misery for their own gain.  There is no need to imagine the historical totalitarianism of the ’30s and ’40s when it is now bursting forth before us with a vulture’s plumage for all to see.  And for that, I am thankful.  

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