Important message from the Obamas

Charles Carpenter, a US army reconnaissance pilot who got so bored for not seeing enough action he decided to strap bazookas to his plane and would eventually destroy at least six German tanks by war’s end.



Equality of talent versus opportunity

There is this commercial that comes on frequently for Southern New Hampshire University. I abhor this commercial. Check it out:

“The world equally distributes talent, but it doesn’t equally distribute opportunity.” What a load of manure. So all that separated me from becoming Michael Jordan was opportunity? The fact that I didn’t become an NBA star is not because I am a short white guy who can’t jump. Nope, all that separated me from being the next NBA All star was that no one gave me the opportunity.

According to this theory, we have all been granted the same physical abilities, intelligence, susceptibility to disease, and other abilities. The only thing separating us is that no one gave us a fair shot.

This is pure communist propaganda. This is what lends validity to the communists over at BLM when they claim that the only reason they are not successful in life is that someone must have discriminated and conspired against them. This belief that we are all born equal is where the demand for equality of outcome originates.


If you need the government to protect your culture, it’s already dead. It’s like if you need armed guards to keep your wife in your house, your marriage is already dead. If you need violence to protect your ideas, your ideas are worthless to begin with. Author Unknown.


Today in 1992 – FBI HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi shoots and kills Vicki Weaver during an 11-day siege at her home at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. She was holding a baby at the time, obviously a threat. Horiuchi says “I was just following orders.” Worked for the Nazis, didn’t it?