Iowa Civil War Monuments

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Soldiers and Sailors Monument
This large impressive monument is located on the State Capital grounds south of the Capital Building. The 135 foot monument was started in 1894 and completed two years later. Harriet Ketcham of Iowa won a competition and was selected as the designer. She died before the project began and sculptor Carl Rohl-Smith, a native of Denmark, was retained to complete the monument. Extensive restoration took place during the 1990’s. The base includes equestrian statues of Generals Crocker, Corse, Curtis, and Dodge. There are also statues representing the infantry, cavalry, artillery and navy. Round portrait sculptures represent many Iowans prominent in the War. There are also two bas-relief scuptures – one representing Iowa at Ft. Donelson and the other titled “Homecoming” which is shown below.

The first photo shows the entire monument from the SE with the “Victory” statue atop the monument. The photo of the base is from the SW and shows three of the Generals, the artillery, cavalry and sailor statues and the Woman with Child. Lt. James Horton represents the cavalry in the close-up photo. The nude woman is on the north side and has been controversial – it is said to be an allegorial figure of Iowa representing our state as a beautiful, youthful mother offering nourishment to her children. Also shown is one of the bas-relief sculptures and a plaque to the sculptor and designer. Photos taken 9/21/07 and 11/18/08. The final photo commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the end of the War on April 9, 2015 with Governor Terry Branstad laying a wreath and reading a proclamation regarding the end of the War.

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