Italian Coffee Maker

Sasso Moka Pot Espresso Maker – stovetop coffee maker, Italian Coffee Maker, Cafetera for 4 Cups, Cuban coffee Maker, Stove top coffee maker for Full Bodied Coffee.

  • SASSO QUALITY: If you enjoy quality coffee you require hardware that will stand the test of time and deliver superior results at any moment. Just like the traditional stovetop Italian coffee maker, our Moka pot is made of food grade Aluminium with a solid cast body allowing fast and even heat distribution producing a rich strong espresso.
  • HOME BARISTA: Now you can brew like a professional and entertain friends with a cafetera cubana coffee maker. Not only will you be saving money but also help reduce waste in landfill by not using disposable coffee cups and pods used in electric coffee machines. The Sasso stovetop coffee maker produces 6.7 fl oz (200ml) or 4 shots.
  • MODERN DESIGN: Stand out from the crowd and brew your stovetop espresso maker in style with this modern design not seen before. The Sasso Stove top coffee maker will make a perfect gift for family and friends or any coffee enthusiast.
  • USE ON ELECTRIC OR GAS STOVES: Fill the lower part of the Italian espresso maker with water below the safety valve, use coarse ground coffee in the basket without tamping. Firmly attach top vessel and place on a medium heat for electric stoves and low flame on gas. Your expresso maker will brew within 5 minutes. Take off heat immediately once top chamber is full of rich black coffee. Enjoy your espresso from your greca coffee maker.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: The timber look ergonomic handle is comfortable to grip and easy to use. The handle, knob and finger safe guard on the mocha pot has a heat free soft touch coating to stop transfer of heat. A brass safety relief valve is located on the base of the espresso pot to prevent a build up of pressure. COMES WITH SPARE FOOD GRADE GASKET.

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