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August 23, 1984

U.S. President Ronald Reagan on Liberals: “You know, we could say they spend money like drunken sailors, but that would be unfair to drunken sailors.” However, Reagan’s economic policies raised the national debt from approximately $900 billion to over $2 trillion. His administration transformed the United States from the world’s leading creditor (as late as 1983) to the number-one debtor by 1986.


Can Gender Be Entirely  Divorced From Sex?

Virtually all of the so called “cultural elements” that are said to be associated with gender can ultimately be, in some way, traced back to sex. Many are not direct expressions of sex but circumstantial ones. For example , human beings attempting to survive in a harsh natural environment will have some division of labor based on different characteristics. If they objectively observe that some among them are physically stronger, and have a greater natural inclination toward   physical aggression, tend to have an interest in physical objects/ tools, then this will in itself designate the hunters, builders and protectors leaving various other tasks to the other sex.

These  other tasks will include childcare (which is reinforced by the female’s partially instinctive connection to the child that she bears) and other caretaking tasks which come to revolve around the “household”. Again, these are not things that the female sex will necessarily be inclined to do under different social circumstances where, for example, there are far more luxuries and conveniences. But these original roles were not some sort of accidental or arbitrary cultural invention from nothing: they were a direct practical consequence of the sexual duality of the human race with in a given situation. They are simply circumstantial rather than direct expressions of human sex.

And yet in reality, human beings always inhabit a wider context, and therefore the expression of sex is always to a certain extent circumstantial. The notion that gender can be entirely divorced from sex is, I contend, baseless. In almost all cases it is simply a matter of TRACING things properly.