Just watching the world go around

Woke up this morning feeling damn good! Also mentally in good shape. Had wife put a pillow on the wheelchair, just so it is more comfortable. Staying in the wheelchair, so after doing my morning ablutions in the bathroom, just wheeled myself to the kitchen table. Hey, first time sitting here at the kitchen table in over a week. Feels good to me to sit here for sure. Had breakfast. Now on the laptop. Told wife maybe after this posting, try going back to the bathroom and try using the toilet. Will see. My upper body strength is not as it should be, but I push myself still. Then get dressed and go outside the apartment (be the second time).

So I know my health status, my mental state, my life….and as bad as it is, it still does not equal to or pass the problems of at least two other men in this building. In other words, there are others in way serious life threatening problems that make mine bearable. Just got news last night that one of the guys who has had hell with his legs (they have cut, then cut again,and then decided to cut on the other leg, blah blah blah) and stuck in his wheelchair, went to doctor appointment to see about getting fitted for his prosthetic leg (one leg has that already) and instead of getting fitted? He was told that it looks like infection and other reasons mean that now they have to cut away more of his leg!! FUCK! And yet, he is and has been damn cheerful and very positive about the whole process. So yes, he is in worse shape that I am and I do also pray for him.

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First African-American to Win an Individual Olympic Gold Medal

DeHart Hubbard

Died June 23, 1976 b. 1903

American Hall of Fame athlete. DeHart Hubbard was the first black to win an individual Olympic gold medal (1924, running long jump). In 1925, he set a long jump world record of 25 feet 10 3⁄4 inches (7.89 m). Hubbard served as president of the National Bowling Association during the 1950s and founded a professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Tigers of the Negro American League.

WTF CALIFORNIA??? Guessing now that they are finding out that hot weather is not conducive to having an electric vehicle.

California just told everyone to not charge their electric cars due to power shortage.

The founder of Guardian Angels who stood against crime in NYC, Curtis Sliwa, took 69% of the Republican votes which looks like the populism of 2016 all over again. Sliwa scored a big victory as the Republican nominee for mayor. What this is showing is that crime is out of control in NYC. Police are abandoning the job taking retirement ASAP and recruits are hard to find because the Democrats have painted the police as all racist enemies. You could not ask for a more toxic atmosphere and this election provides a hint of what we are going to see in 2022 – a real revolution at the polls.



Give them their new flag

Why Black people are disproportionately dying in traffic accidents

Pro-Life Activist Daleiden Says Dr. Fauci Owns Every Bit of Horrific Pittsburgh Study where Scientists are Growing Aborted Baby Hair on Lab Rats


Remember these? Ah, the good old days….just drop in our coins, select a song, and just like that, let the world spin by…..