Lakers, Clippers Move To End NBA Post-Season As LeBron James Leads ‘Player’s Strike’ Movement

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Cancel the highlight of your entertainment industry’s yearly event.   That’ll put money into your pocket.

Sometimes the idiocy of people is just stunning.

NBA players are ready to scrap the whole season as they’re swept up in yet another protest movement for “social justice”.As we recounted yesterday, it all began Wednesday afternoon when the Milwaukee Bucks (the team closest to Kenosha) announced that the team would be boycotting Game 5 of its first-round playoff series against the Orlando Magic. After they moved, the rest of the league swiftly followed as players scrambled to evade the wrath of the ‘cancel culture’ police, ready as ever to brand any who resist with the scarlet letter of “insufficient woke-ness.”A late-night meeting between players, coaches and the league ensued, and according to Deadline Hollywood, it didn’t go nearly as well as the owners had probably hoped. The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers (which still carries the stain of having once been owned by a man outed as a notorious racist) both reportedly voted to end the season without continuing.Since most NBA players are working men who are operating under the same financial pressures as ordinary people (though they lack the platform of somebody like a Lebron James), the rest of the teams in the league pushed back, arguing that the season should be allowed to continue.The financial repercussions should the season be cancelled will undoubtedly total into the billions, and with the league likely to reject the player’s collective bargaining agreement if the season falls through, it could leave the league with a lockout on its hands as we head into next season.


California now has more people and less power generating capacity. As the state gets closer to the mythical 100% renewables target, it will have more people and even less capacity. A 100% renewable energy grid is a 100% unreliable grid that will be going down on a regular basis.

None of that will be fixed. Instead there will be slogans to make the blackouts seem progressive.

PG&E is already describing its outages as “sharing the challenge.” That sounds progressive and empowering. Especially for seniors on breathing machines or children trapped in elevators.

After some noise about investigations, California Democrats will ask the public to recognize that power is finite and go about the job of deciding who deserves to have power and who doesn’t.

The troubling interconnectedness between power and government allowed Mayor Garcetti to cut off water and power to Los Angeles businesses that wanted to remain open during the lockdown and then more recently to homes hosting parties. Companies can treat customers abusively, but a government water empire can cut off power and water for political reasons.

The ‘green energy’ regime will “share the challenge” by creating affirmative action for blackouts, determining which areas lose power and for how long based on racial and economic criteria. The wealthy will buy their own power, while anyone on the grid will be subject to the whims of Democrat political appointees dividing the spoils of a dying energy grid in a collapsing state.

The resource shortages of the green energy dark age will turn its practitioners into barbarians.

California will finally reach its 100% renewables target when its population has learned to cook in wood stoves, read by candlelight, and live in the darkness of ‘green energy’

Jerry Brown started this process in earnest, and his successors and comrades in arms carry it on, happily leading us straight into the abyss. 

Democrats.  Unfit to govern anything.


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