Liberal Logic

Idiot mayor, Jacob Frey, gives masks to crowding rioters after warning “in person” worship would be a “public health disaster”. This example of stupidity and/or anti-conservative ideology is small considered to the gross amounts of impotence, lack of aptitude, incompetence, political posturing, and gumption  we have witnessed for the last three nights in Minneapolis and some of the other liberal “hives”. Trump is right. Frey is weak. I believe not only is he weak, but he fears alienating his “base” of demoKratic voters who for the most part are black and/or muslim. And like all blue state mayors and governors, he has an agenda. As with many of the larger American cities mayors, he had rather cater to a mob and watch them destroy his city than face not be re-elected for a job he is neither qualified for or capable of handling. What is happening across this country is shameful. We are seeing businesses, homes, and public infrastructure looted, pillaged, and destroyed by people whom the majority of have never contributed a solitary positive thing to society. Neither will they contribute to the rebuilding or clean-up of what they have destroyed. When LBJ sold his soul and instituted the COLOSSAL GOAT F!!(K known as “The Great Society” his intent was not to help black people, but to insure they voted demoKrat by enslaving them with “free shit”. I wonder whether or not he and his compatriots considered the long-term impacts of rewarding people for doing nothing. I doubt it. So, here we are fifty plus years later and demoRATs (and some RHINOS) are still buying votes today. They purchase these votes by promising “free shit” at the expense of workers and business owners. It is not just blacks who are selling their votes today. How much longer will the people in this country who work and pay taxes continue to fund such lunacy? Guess who will get the bill for cleaning up these crime sprees and general messes we have witnessed in the last four days. Pro-Sodomite Target will more than probably receive some type of federal aid while the small business owners down the street are more than likely on their own. I don’t have the answer as to how to fix this reoccurring problem of “cop kills black man, blacks burn down city”, but there are some common sense things that could be done to sharply curtail both wrongs.