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Walmart will no longer sell “All Lives Matter” merchandise on its website.


Nation Sets Hiring Record In June, Media Works To Ignore The Good News


Happy Independence Day – 2020


Adopt The Illogic, Defeat Them With It…


They’re Going To Try It Again

That was my immediate conclusion upon reading this piece:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testified Tuesday that an emerging virus found in pigs in China shares traits with the 2009 Swine Flu and 1918 Pandemic Flu, and U.S. public health officials are monitoring the disease.
Fauci, a White House coronavirus task force member, explained before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that the virus — known as “G4 EA H1N1,” — doesn’t appear to infect humans, however, it has shown “reassortment capabilities.”…

Fauci warned lawmakers of the “possibility that you might have another swine flu type outbreak as we had in 2009.”

“It’s something that still is in the stage of examination,” he added.


Enjoy Your “Independence Day” Celebrations Peasants And Don’t Forget To Wear Your Masks While You Practice Social Distancing

Michigan Hydroxychloroquine Study Shows Significant Benefit for Treatment – Media Shocked…

How to Celebrate July 4 Without Getting Canceled for Glorifying White Supremacy

Multiple videos recorded after a Saturday prayer vigil in St. Louis appear to show Black Lives Matter agitators assaulting Catholics who participated in the event.

“Yesterday, while praying for peace and unity in our city and the protection of the St. Louis statue, Black Lives Matter protesters started to harass, berate, and assault the Catholics that were peacefully praying. We did nothing in retaliation,” Conor Martin, a candidate for Bedford Township Republican committeeman, claimed on Twitter.

Martin posted various videos of the incident that show agitators assaulting two individuals and beating them with sticks.


Extremely Dangerous


Sculptures I Can’t Explain . . . This Afternoon


The 12 deadliest US states for Covid-19.


“Give Me Money Or We’ll Break Windows”