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I’ve always been a big fan of the lol dolls. Back in the day, there were a few different manufacturers that made “blank” dolls for people to customize and dress up. They were never really that great — the plastic felt cheap, and the customization options weren’t that great — but they were a lot of fun. Over the years, though, the industry has moved on.

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Today, the industry is dominated by one company: Lol Doll. Their line of customizable dolls is a cut above the rest — not only do they offer a ton of different customization options, but they also use higher-quality materials, which make for a much nicer experience. If you’re interested in getting into customizing your doll, Lol Doll is your best option — they offer high-quality products at a great price.

Printable LOL Doll Coloring Pages for Free. High quality free printable pdf  coloring, dra… | Unicorn coloring pages, Dinosaur coloring pages, Mermaid coloring  pages

There are dozens of different companies making custom-designed, articulated, 3D-printed dolls for people to customize and dress up. They’re huge in the industry, and they’re getting even bigger. It’s not just parents and grandparents who love them. It’s companies and celebrities and influencers.

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Free Printable LOL Surprise Dolls Coloring Pages. High quality free  printable pdf coloring, drawing, pai… | Cool coloring pages, Cute coloring  pages, Coloring pages

LOL Surprise Coloring Sheet | Coloring pages winter, Coloring sheets,  Easter coloring sheets

LOL Surprise Doll Coloring Pages ... | Coloring pages, Bee coloring pages,  Coloring pictures

LOL Surprise dolls coloring page Series 1 Dance Line Dancer | Cartoon coloring  pages, Kids printable coloring pages, Cool coloring pages

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