Madonna Has Lost Her Mind

Riddle me this: The major cruise lines are asking the US Government, which is the same as the US Public to bail them out. They’re worried.

Is it our problem?

Disney Cruises sails under the Bahamian Flag.

Celebrity Cruises sails under the Maltese Flag.

Carnival Cruises sails under the Panamanian Flag.

They do this to avoid paying US Taxes.


This is a video that Madonna posted on Twitter, she seems to have lost her mind. As she rambles about moving from what appears to be some sort of an encoded threat (If I go down we all go down) she then says that this is the great equalizer and we are all equal now.

Her virtue signalling seems to have back fired here as even Madonna fans see this as disgusting. Instead of donating money to help people during the pandemic she sits in a milk bath full of rose petals and complains that she is equal with us now. Seems like the ramblings of a deranged narcissist who can’t stand that the virus is getting more attention then her and the rest of her celebrity friends.

By the way, where is Tom Hanks?