Minneapolis goes full retard

The Demonrat city council of Minneapolis, the city that made poor soul George Floyd famous or maybe it’s the other way round, has voted to DISBAND their Police Department.

 They have not, to my knowledge, promulgated a plan to respond to resident emergencies requiring any kind of normal police response that one would find in any other big city in the USA.
What could possibly go wrong?

Well to start, Minneapolis will be renamed Shitholia Midwest or maybe Mogadishu West. What ever happened to Minnesota nice.

Minneapolis will be declared a No Go city, first in the world!!!

Let’s see. Property values, if not already in the crapper, will certainly be worth $0.00 in short order. Property Insurance? What’s the cost of insuring a property that’s worth $0.00?

Using known property tax formula’s or maybe it’s just simple math, $0.00 property valuation = $0.00 in property tax liability for the property owner. ‘Course that will never happen. I imagine that the city council and the Mayor already have a plan in place for redistributing existing tax income to what ever far left dingbat fantasy they can come up with. Good luck trying to collect any further tax revenue.

With no property tax income there’ll be no maintenance of the city’s infrastructure, no snow plowing in the winter time, no pothole fixing in the summer. Water, Sewer, Fire services? Who’s going to pick up the dead bodies resulting from all of the shootings that are sure to follow.

This is going to make Baltimore, Chicongo, Detroit, East LA , Harlem, Newark, and any other big city shithole you care to name, look like a walk in the park.

Demonrats. Always looking to screw the little guy any which way they can.

Oh and I have it on good authority that Ilhan Omar is creaming her dew rag over the possibilities of more Somali refugee resettlement. After all, Minneapolis should now feel right at home to them. Nothing like resettling in familiar war torn surroundings to make one feel all warm, fuzzy and thankful to your new adopted country. The only thing that’s missing is a local war lord or three, (plenty of territory to go around) which should be settled in short order. I imagine the local drug lords are already salivating at the possibilities.

From the Feral Irishman